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HR Basics: Your Quick Access To Legal Doís And Doníts

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Welcome to the HR Solutions library: HR Solutions

This program is designed to get you answers to HR law questions efficiently and easily --- answers to questions that you need to answer to manage legally on a day-to-day basis. You use HR Solutions to get prompt, practical guidance to every legal issue that can arise in the HR function - - - from recruiting and selection to post-termination.  

This Program is a reference tool and a training resource.  It is not a source of legal advice. Consult a lawyer if you need legal counsel.

Here are brief descriptions, in alphabetical order, of what you will find in this section:



Handbooks & Contracts - Documents that describe your employees' terms and conditions of employment are vitally important.  Learn the difference between a contract and a "non-contract" document.



Hiring - This is a process by which you decide whom you like enough to put them on the payroll.  What are the legal dos and don'ts?



HR Documents - Of course you want to create forms and publish other paperwork that will insure consistency and make things flow smoothly. Can you get in trouble legally? What are the traps in these forms?



Independent Contractors - It is not enough to label a worker an "independent contractor."  This engagement must meet legal criteria.



Problem Employees



References - Most reference information given out by employers is neutral, but the law permits a surprisingly wide latitude.  Here are the legal standards for giving (and getting) references.


Testing - Administering tests, especially before hire, is a valuable tool.  Yet testing can generate discrimination claims.  What makes them legal?

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