Retaliation Charges
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EEOC issues annual
report, cites 9% increase
in charges in general

"Corporate America Needs
to do a better job":  EEOC

    Issuing its annual breakdown of charge activity for the previous year, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that its total charge count rose from 75,768 in 2006 to 82,792 last year.  This is the largest number of charges filed in one year since 2002, and reflects a 9% increase that reverses a pattern of decreasing charge volume in the past few years.

    Race remains the largest single category of alleged bias, but retaliation represented just under a third of the entire amount. The latter surged by 18% from 2006.  Retaliation for the first time became the second most widely invoked grounds for illegal discrimination.  Gender allegations in 2007 were 30% of the total.

    Out of this one practical lesson is that you assure that your managers understand how serious an offense reprisal is - that it is a dischargeable offense - and cannot be tolerated.