Illinois Law Watch: 

State Prevailing Wage Law “Updated – “Public Works” was ambiguous in the old law and doubt existed about coverage of many publicly –funded jobs.  Amendments leave no doubt that any project funded by any government entity, and in whole or in part through bonds, grants, loans, or other funds, is covered.  Also the law more clearly provides that ALL demolition work is covered by the Act, even if not directly related to a public works construction project. 

Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act – has been amended as of January 1, 2010 to incorporate the e-Verify system in place with the federal DHS.  If you begin to do business with the federal government directly or indirectly, you will use e-Verify, and you will have to attest to compliance with its procedures using an attestation form downloadable from the Illinois Department of Labor (at  You have to post a notice that you and your responsible staff have taken the computer-based training for E-Verify.  The amended Act also requires posting of the anti-discrimination notice from the DHS. 

Equal Pay Act – has been amended to incorporate key provisions of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  Among other things, a female employee who believes she has suffered unequal pay now has one full year, rather than 180 days, to file an equal pay claim with the IDOL.  Employers must now maintain payroll records for five years (instead of the former three years).