The New Employee Rights Notice

For Federal Contractors:  In a Nutshell


            Effective June 21, 2010, under Executive Order 13496, all federal contractors, and any subcontractors to them, with a contract over $10,000 must include a provision in their respective contracts that they are posting workplace notices informing them of their rights to form unions and engage in other protected concerted activity.

            Here are some important points:

1.      The new rule is specific about the size and form of the notice.  Your best bet is to visit the US DOL website and conform to the prescribed form and content provided:

2.      For example, the notice’s preamble explains that the National Labor Relations Act guarantees the right to organize and bargain collectively.

3.      The notice spells out the various other forms of protected concerted activity that employees have the right to engage in.

4.      The notice gives several examples of employer unfair labor practices, and then sets forth various examples of union unfair labor practices.

5.      Conspicuous posting is required; one notice in a break room would be insufficient.  If you customarily communicate to your employees electronically, you must give this notice electronically (in addition to the mandatory posting of the hard copy notice).