NLRB Proposes “New” Election Rules


Re-packaged after Court nixed first Attempt

           The National Labor Relations Board says that the new proposed roles track what was published in 2011. 

          A thumbnail sketch:

             A  hearing officer would be authorized to limit pre-election representation hearing evidence to “genuine issues of material fact.” A dispute over voter eligibility would be kept out until post-election proceedings. The board wants a 20% rile on such evidence, i.e., if the inclusion or exclusion issues affect 20% of the voters claimed or less, the issue should be deferred to past-election, plus:

·                   hearing officers would have the right to deny post-hearing briefs, and the Board could deny review of an ALJ ruling on post-hearing matters

·                    cutting the election schedule to as soon as 10 days after an election is directed

·                   holding “R” case hearings as soon as 7 days after the petition is filed

·                   Excelsior  lists would have to include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and be delivered five days sooner

·                   employees would file detailed “position statement” on or before the hearig on any R petition. Issues omitted would be waived.

 Link to Board site re this story: